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Is It Time To Consider Bankruptcy?


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Bankruptcy Update

In April 2005, Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, or “BAPCPA” as we bankruptcy attorneys call it.  Among consumer bankruptcy lawyers everywhere, there was a good deal of handwringing over what the new bankruptcy law would mean for the typical honest debtor needing a fresh start from Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Sure, BAPCPA introduced the Means Test, thereby supplanting the insight and good judgment of local bankruptcy judges with standardized living expenses gleaned from the IRS, as to whether a Chapter 7 debtor could afford to make payments on her debts.

Is It Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

debt reliefEven though the United States Congress has managed to find a short term solution to avoid the fiscal cliff, what about us?
Many of us have already gone over our fiscal cliff. Even if Congress finds a way to raise the debt ceiling, it is unlikely they will help the rest of us solve our financial distress.
Consumerism is what makes our national economy grow and thrive.  But consumerism, especially when put on credit cards, has resulted in an over-extension of millions of family's household budgets.
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